Introducing Chuckling Juggler Media

Chuckling Juggler Media is a new and innovative firm that specializes in assisting e-book authors produce and promote their works in various formats on the Internet. The company is committed to providing quality literature to readers of all ages around the globe. Chuckling Juggler Media is owned and operated by Scott Frahlich Jr.

Chuckling Juggler Media offers essentially three services to authors. The first is manuscript preparation. This includes editing each manuscript for structure-oriented issues, such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar. We will also advise clients regarding the "flow" or logic, of the text. We will not check facts the authors include in their texts, simply because we do not have the capacity to do that sort of research at this time. Content is up to the author.

The second service we provide is manuscript publication. Publishing to sites that offer e-books for sale can be complex and we possess the knowledge and the expertise to get works up and in front of prospective customers with efficiency and professionalism. This means that authors can write and, after consultation, we can manage the process and help authors make decisions such as where to offer their works, whether they wish to utilize digital rights management (DRM), and how to set pricing for their e-book.

The third service we offer to authors is promotion. Nothing gets sold unless potential customers know what it is and how to purchase it and we promote using our website and using social media. Currently, CJM is working with outside resources to promote but we will be bringing these services in-house within the next three months.