I offer you these word problems to entertain and challenge you as I work to complete this website. I hope that you enjoy them!

1. Cedric is making chili to serve at a dinner party. The recipe calls for one pound of ground beef, one half of a green pepper, and one and a half onions, among a whole host of other stuff. Cedric wants to make sure he makes enough chili, so he wants to increase the amount of the ingredients in the recipe by one third. How many tomatoes will Cedric have to use in the chili? Just kidding. How much ground beef, green pepper, and onion does Cedric need to add to his revised chili recipe?

2. The sum of four consecutive odd numbers equals sixty-four. What are those four consecutive odd numbers?

3. Gustav just bought his first house and has told all of his friends he only bought it for the yard. The yard measures thirty yards by forty-eight yards and boasts a swimming pool that has one third the area of the yard. The pool is six feet deep throughout, meaning it has no deep end. How many cubic yards of water is needed to fill up the pool?

4. A triangle has one angle that measures 38 degrees and another angle that measures 103 degrees. What is the measurement of the third angle?

5. Sarah is an account manager for a company that sells air purifiers. In 2014, she sold 140 purifiers across her sales territory. This year, her goal is to increase her sales by 15%. How many purifiers must Sarah sell in 2015 in order to meet her goal?

6. Billy is up for a raise at work. He discovers an extra $12.00 in his weekly paycheck, which he figures is a 3% raise. What was Billy making before his raise? What is Billy earning after his raise?

7. In February 2010, Springfield, Massachusetts had a population of approximately 147,000 and an unemployment rate of 12.8%. Approximately how many people were unemployed in Springfield in 2010?

8. The driving distance between Boston, Massachusetts and Miami, Florida is about 1496 miles. Sheryl and her friends were planning a road trip for Spring Break. They planned on driving Sheryl?s dad?s old Yukon, which gets about 14 miles per gallon on a good day. They guessed that gas would cost an average of $3.78 per gallon. How much did the girls have to budget for gas for their trip (remember, they had to return to Boston!)?

9. Tyrone is the best hitter on his baseball team but he is having a rough year. This season, he hit only 35 home runs, which is just 70% of how many home runs he hit in the previous season. How many home runs did Tyrone hit in the previous season?

10. Naomi is building a triangular garden in her back yard. Her triangle has two angles of equal measurement and two sides of equal length. Each of the identical angles is four times the third angle. What are the measurements of the identical angles if Naomi decides to open up that third angle in her garden by four degrees?

11. Uncle Willy?s root cellar is rectangular in shape and he is looking to purchase some carpeting that he hopes will spruce up the place. The width of Uncle Willy?s root cellar is three feet less than its length, and the total area of the floor space is twelve square yards. If each square foot of carpet Uncle Willy wishes to buy costs $1.75, how much money does he have to set aside to cover the cost of carpeting for his root cellar?

12. Thor is building a moat around his castle. His castle measures thirty feet by thirty-three feet. He wants the moat to be four feet wide around the whole castle to keep out the wild hyenas that roam his neighborhood. What will the outside perimeter of the moat be?

13. Cheryl bought a new dump truck for her landscaping business. The bucket on her new truck is 5 yards long, 2 yards wide, and 2 yards deep. How many cubic feet of dirt will that new truck hold?

14. A triangle measures four inches at its base and has a height of 7.5 inches. What is the area of this triangle?